UTLearn is The University of Texas at Austin’s employee learning management system. UTLearn provides employees greater autonomy in managing training, has dynamic searching, and integrates with Workday. Managers have access to multiple reporting options, can easily track the status of their employees’ training, and assign training directly to their employees. UTLearn can track Instructor Led Training (ILT), host online courses, and can be used to build curricula. It also allows course owners to configure their training to meet their or their learners’ needs.

For UTLearn usage guidelines and additional information, see UTLearn Acceptable Use Standards, UTLearn Change Management Process, and UTLearn Governance Charter.

How does this benefit me?

UTLearn benefits UT Austin by reducing the amount of manual work needed to track employee training and provides greater functionality than our legacy systems.

Overall University Benefits

  • Central location to manage employee training
  • More departmental autonomy in managing training

Learner Experience

  • Ability to search for training using titles and keywords
  • One system to register for both ILT and online training
  • Add external training on your transcript ad-hoc
  • Email notifications, such as training deadlines, session cancellations, assigned training

Manager Experience

  • Robust reporting, including employees’ current training statuses, incomplete/overdue training
  • Assign training to your employees
  • Manager positions are automatically updated for current HR system

How can I learn more?

End-user resources such as FAQs, handouts, job guides, and overview videos are available on the UTLearn website. Structured training is provided for training coordinators who need to build and manage training in the system. Additional information can be viewed in the Course Management training page.