Configuration Modifications

Configuration Updates:

  • Second same day data sync between HRMS and UTLearn now active – An additional data sync from HRMS to UTLearn has been implemented to assist CSUs that final approve assignments on the hire’s start date. As long as the HRMS document is final approved by 11:30 am, the individual should appear in UTLearn as of 1:30-2p. Timing depends entirely on the data from HRMS. Please note that at this time individuals from this feed will not be automatically assigned compliance training until the following morning. However, they can search for and request the training themselves.
    Reminder: Employees must have a final approved assignment with a start date of up to 30 days in the future to be synced from HRMS to UTLearn. If the assignment is in any status other than final approved, the individual will not have an active account in UTLearn (i.e., cannot log in or be registered for training).


  • Compliance training modules issues corrected – A number of issues were reported surrounding the behavior of various compliance online classes. The content owner has made modifications and updates; these modules should now be stable. If you or your staff are having issues with launching and completing the online compliance classes, please contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance (; 512-475-9400).


  • Reduction in the number of overdue reminders sent to managers – A number of areas raised concerns over the amount of overdue training reminders that managers were receiving for their direct reports. Managers will now be copied on their employees’ reminders for training that is 30, 60, 90, or 120 days past due. Managers and others with reporting access can run reports in UTLearn showing training due dates. If you have questions or need to be able to run reports in UTLearn, contact the ITS Service Desk (; 512-475-9400).


Data feed configuration changes are being evaluated for the pending Workday HCM integration with UTLearn. Once that is complete, an evaluation will occur to determine if any of the modifications may be implemented for HRMS.

Note: Some requested modifications will not be implemented prior to Workday; additional details will be provided when available.