Phase 1 Update - TXClass Administrative Functionality Changes Coming in April 2016


In April, TXClass functionality will be changing to support the UTLearn Phase 1 launch on April 4, 2016, and in preparation for the eventual decommission of TXClass itself. These changes make it critical that course managers of employee training attend the UTLearn Training Management course. If you are unable to attend those currently scheduled (see the UTLearn wiki) and will need course management access to UTLearn at go live on April 4, contact before March 25, 2016. Those who must be able to manage courses for non-employee populations should not be affected by these changes.

  • Class scheduling: April 11, 2016 is the last day on which any classes for courses that are moving to UTLearn can be scheduled in TXClass. The list of affected TXClass courses is available on the UTLearn website.
    Note: If you have training already scheduled beyond April 11, 2016 in TXClass, contact the UTLearn team at
  • Course creation: After April 11, 2016, course creation will be disabled in TXClass. Exceptions will be in place for those who need to continue to manage courses, such as those for non-employee populations, in TXClass. Additional details and information will be provided in the next UTLearn update, the UTLearn website, and in TXClass.
  • Training history/roster updates/reporting: At this time, there are no plans to modify the ability to update attendance for course/class details within TXClass, nor modify any of the existing TXClass reporting. However, you are strongly encouraged to ensure that attendance is accurate.
  • Messaging: Messaging will begin to appear later this month on TXClass course profiles for those moving or already moved to UTLearn.

If you are unsure if these changes affect you or if you have any questions, please contact