UTLearn Project Update, February 2016


Action Item Coming: Phase 1 of the UTLearn implementation will be released on April 4, 2016. To populate content in the system, in the next two weeks we will be contacting training owners of TXClass courses that have records from calendar year 2015. The message will include action items and requests for information. Each message will identify any associated response deadlines.

New Notification Group: A UTLearn Updates list is now available for information about the project and for ongoing updates regarding the system. Please visit utlists.utexas.edu/sympa/info/utlearn_updates to register for the list if you are not already.

Completion History: During Phase 1, only training completion history associated with required Compliance or other training transitioned to UTLearn will be loaded. This will help prevent reassignment of required training to individuals who have already completed it. Identifying the training for which the history is required for Phase 1 is one of the action items that training owners/contacts will receive.

Non-Employee Populations: Phase 1 will accommodate active employees (faculty, staff, and student employees) and affiliates from HRMS. The timing and method in which non-employee students and non-UT individuals will be accommodated is currently under review. Further information will be provided within the next few weeks.

Communication and Information Resources: You may find the following distribution lists and websites useful for information and updates about the UTLearn project, the ASMP 2.0 projects, and ongoing collaboration with other trainers across campus.

If you are no longer responsible for TXClass course administration, please contact txclass-support@utlists.utexas.edu to have your authorizations updated.

Send questions about UTLearn or requests for demonstrations to utlearn@austin.utexas.edu.